Hello Beautiful,

A happy a prosperous 2019 for you. Today post is all about what the 2019 tends you can expect and hopefully a year that could be the start of a new emerging trend.


Based on fashion trends and from what we have seen on designer’s shows is that gold, brown/bronze, green and dark blue are the colours for 2019


The eyeliners are remaining a trend in 2019. It is extended longer towards the temple and wider than was the case in 2017 and 2018 so that it can cover almost all upper eyelid. You can use black or dark grey eye shadows/eyeliners to make an eyeliners and set a bit of white/purple eye shadows in the inner eye corner.

Natural eyebrows shape is what we expect in 2019, no sharp lines and contours – instead soft and natural eyebrows. Better to avoid thin lines brows shapes as well as tattoo.

Smoky eyes will remain in 2019 trend with the difference that it doesn’t have to be always as blended as we know it.

Bright and colourful eye shadows we apply on upper eye lid, try to choose it in line with your outfit colour

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Pay attention to orange, green, dark blue and fuchsia colours in 2019. If this pallet looks to extreme you can always mix the colours and get a softer version. Such colours of lip stick will work better for a party and in everyday makeup you can use more natural colours of lipstick.

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Classic red colour lip stick will remain in 2019 trend.

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In 2018 matte texture was in trend while in 2019 glossy pomades are in trend.


The Natural look remains a 2019 trend, the more natural we look the better and it doesn’t mean that natural look equal “no makeup”. Your makeup should work and sing together with your outfit and not contradict with each other.

In 2019 there is no strict border between day and evening look, you can apply red lip stick to go for a morning coffee and you can ware minimum makeup for the evening events.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and Makeup by Makiyaj is always ready to help you to find your new look!